What we do

We help you confidently navigate the complex process of commercialisation.

Bringing your endeavour to life

Life Science New Zealand is a unique team of internationally successful consultants dedicated to helping you navigate the complex process of commercialisation. With unparalleled global reach and a shared passion for transforming opportunity into reality, we deliver the commercial support and expertise you need to bring your endeavour to life.

We have years of experience in life science research and development and understand that the path from inception to profitable revenue generation is full of pitfalls. We excel at pre-empting those pitfalls and delivering honest, informed opinions at every stage – smoothing the way from initial research to ultimate success.

No two life science endeavours have the same requirements, so it’s best to seek expert advice at the earliest stages of the commercialisation process. We’re happy to provide that advice and to help you identify potential pain points before we even start working together. Whatever your commercial goal, we’ll provide the confidential, independent support to help you reach it with confidence.

We enjoy what we do and we’ve been doing it for many years. With expertise in a range of commercialisation and life science disciplines, you can trust us to minimise risk and achieve real results.

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